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How physicists think

Sent by my friend Nelson, a real Skype chat log (translated from Portuguese):

[14:47:23] Physicist 1: how long it takes to 380 mls of water go from 22ºC to 90 in my eletrolux microwave oven?
[14:47:28] Physicist 1: you, as physicist
[14:47:42] Physicist 1: lol
[14:47:43] Physicist 2: depends if it's a tall glass or a bowl
[14:48:07] Physicist 1: godfather mug
[14:48:10] Physicist 2: and also depends on the material of the recipient
[14:48:19] Physicist 1: with a picture of dom corleone
[14:48:28] Physicist 1: ohh
[14:48:35] Physicist 1: there's a red rose on the lapel
[14:50:23] Physicist 2: marlon brando or de niro?

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Multilingual WordPress Plugin

After years publishing on this blog, I finally took the chances installing a multilingual plugin. Now, my blog can go beyond my native language, reaching more people on other English-speaking countries, too.