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Ludum Dare 23 submitted

After one day and a half, I finally submitted my game to Ludum Dare 23. Theme was "Tiny World". I guess this was number one in "abstraction". Lots of people said bad words in the IRC chat when it came out. Playing other entries, I saw a lot of people gone for "tiny" or "world", but rarely both. My game (that I hopefully joined both "tiny" and "world") was about molecules. You build them in either a sandbox level or in "challenges" I made. And I put a funny tutorial, too.

You can play it at Ludum Dare (and know other contestants), or click here.


Ludum Dare 23

Ludum Dare 23 starts today, 21 o'clock BRT. I'll dig in, but, due to a miscalculation (thanks God I do not work launching satellites) I did not prepare myself for the battle. If you don't know, Ludum Dare is a game development competition. You have 48 hours to make a game from scratch (including sounds, graphics, etc). The theme is something abstract (ex: LD 22 was "alone") and you make something based on it.

Markus "Notch" Persson took his chances with a "minicraft", but didn't hit top 20 - and he got a lot of fans! I'm going like a marathon. This means "if I finish it, I'm happy".

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Tower Defense using Unity3D

Blender and Unity3D made my life so much easier. In less than a day, I created from scratch the basics of a simple "Tower Defense":

Blender takes care of the map (i.e. the Hulk-colored blocks) and Unity takes care of enemy proximity detection. I made a couple of simple scripts and I'm done.

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Hello Unity3D World

After weeks studying Unity3D's tutorials, I finally made my own "hello world" game. It's a remake of an ancient game of ping-xong. The name I can't tell, because the owner of the copyright will sue me for good. Believe me - this happened when I published a game like this in Apple's App Store. Oh, and the game was 100% free...

This (also free) game is only an experiment. I made nothing more than base mechanics and some funny FX. I guess there are so many bugs that they can unite themselves and conquer the Earth. Anyway, click here to play. BTW, talking about suing me, this game is provided AS-IS. No warranty that it will work and I'm not responsible if evil overlord bug blows up your HD. One thing I assure: my HD didn't blow up...


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