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How to make your employees happy, Minecraft-like

It's really hard to make your employees happy. Seems like an ancient kung-fu technique that you learn from an old master living on the top of a really high mountain with a long sadistic stairway leading to him. For Notch, A.K.A. Markus Persson, this is child play. His employees are happier than a small kid holding a huge lollypop while hugging Goofy in Disneyland.

His technique is really hard. You must go thru the eight circles of hell and rip off one of devil's ear to learn. The first step is easy: build an success enterprise and profit $3 million. Secondly, prepare your mortal soul, because it can bleed your eyes: get all this profit and distribute to other employees. Oh, boy. Any burning sensation? Dizziness? No? Great. That's all about it. You just learnt the ancient technique.

Yes! That's what I said. Don't put the profit in your pocket and waste with cars, Malibu houses or such. Just give it back to the people that made the money happens. Doubt it? Read Notch's tweet:

Easy as that. Uh, did I mention he is profiting three million and is still working with his colleagues? Yes! You will not find him in the roof of the building, with a huge office, hot hooker/secretaries serving 21-years old scotch. No! You will find him working with other employees, playing with nerfs, and such.

By the way, Mojang (the happiest place on Earth to work) has only 25 employees. Yup! Only 25 human beings profiting $3 million. This means a "Christmas Bonus" worthing ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. I don't know about the evil taxes on your country, but even an abusive 30% tax means they have $80 thousand dollars to play with.

Lord have mercy. This is how you can make employees REALLY happy without distributing Xanax. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to a dark corner of the room and cry like a baby.

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  1. Edu, pense como um estrangeiro: eles contam o salário por ano. Suponha que todo mundo na Mojang ganhe bem, mesmo para os padrões europeus, e levem US$10K/mês. São US$120K/ano. Em outras palavras, eles levaram, por alto, um ano de salário. UM ANO DE SALÁRIO de PPLR.

    Por esse chefe eu atacaria creepers de mãos abanando e sem armadura! :-)

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