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News Fail

That news is funny for itself, but it also contains a huge "fail", too:

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Why Goggle isn’t perfect

Considering Google's age, I thought it should be hard to find bugs. I was wrong. Check this screen:

Tela do Google mostrando uma pesquisa não relacionada e um bug

I was trying to remember 102.11b/g frequency. Googling it, nothing useful appeared. Searching "102.11b/g wiki" dropped "102.11" and "b/g" got "Bee Gees". Wow. And, the "show more results from", when clicked shows... Nothing! Nice.

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Webdesign is now simpler

Back in 1999, I worked as a webdesigner, and the job was hard. Dreamweaver helped a lot, but Netscape and IE made my work impossible with their little market share war. It was an impossible mission to create a site compatible with both browsers. Solution usually was an "IE-only" icon.

In 2004, as a junior programmer, the HTML-compatibility problem morphed into JS/CSS-compatibility. No more ugly "blinks" or "marquees", but IE, Mozilla and the brand-new Firefox still didn't match.

Now, with Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, IE and dozens of minor browsers, I could feel like Dante myself, but thanks God because "compliance is law" now. After twelve f***ing years, I only need a couple of workaround to achieve full cross-browser compliance using a Zen-like technique!

Together with Wicket and JS frameworks (jQuery), it got really easy to make a Java website in my spare time!

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iPad 2 – My opinion

I bought an iPad 2 couple weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. All my basic Internet needs are fulfilled by it. Not all iOS applications are designed for iPad, but some of them are really cool, with more details when you run them on iPad.

I'm deleting my daily spam and playing OGame on it, among other things. It's integrated with my iPod Touch and my MacBook, all data synchronized. I can't wait for iOS 5, with its WiFi sync.

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